Let’s get the BIG FAQ out of the way first. How much does it cost?
It depends. I know that’s a little scary, but it depends on a lot of things. A senior adult luncheon program 10 miles from my house for 40 folks is going to be a different program than a 5 day camp for 300 children halfway across the country or an Upward or Awana Awards event in Pennsylvania. A lot of factors go into determining the fee. Call me and let’s talk about your plans for your event, your budget and what is involved to make sure you get what you need for your group. I’ll be fair, open and NEVER do a sales pitch or put pressure on you. Bottom line is that I want to work with you to entertain and communicate to your group. If we can make it happen, we will.

What if we are a small church or are working with a limited budget and don’t have the full fee?  Can you work with us on the price?
Absolutely. I used to work as a church staff member, and I understand about budgeting. I made a commitment to the Lord when I started working with churches to never allow money to keep me from being a part of a church’s ministry. Call or e-mail me and let’s talk about it.

How far will you travel?
I have performed in churches all over the USA. I have learned to pack creatively and can take a full 45 minute show in a carry-on suitcase and a checked bag. This includes the props and tables. Since I can fly out of the Atlanta or Birmingham airports, I can go almost anywhere. The earlier we book the flight, the better the price!

Do we need to provide you with a P.A. (Public Address) System?
If I am driving, I will provide all my own equipment, including a PA system, if there is not one available at the show location. When I fly, I will only be able to bring my wireless headset microphone and remote music system and will need to rely on a sound system on location.

What do you need us to provide?

Typically, I bring everything I need for the program except the audience and electricity (and a PA system as noted above). However, if you have a cleared stage area or raised platform with steps, this is always a plus. And I’m a water drinker, so a couple of bottles of water would be great, if I forget to bring my own.

When is payment due?
This company was founded and continues to be run with the idea that we exist to serve. We are NOT prima Dona performers who need the green M&Ms removed from our candy dish (Wait a minute! What candy dish?!). We understand how to work with organizations like churches. And I understand how interesting things can get when committees are involved. That said, I like to get paid on the day of the performance, but I understand that processing paperwork through bookkeeping and committees can be time consuming and frustrating. I know you don’t need an uptight performer whining about how he needs to be paid TODAY or his car will be repossessed. If payment will not be ready on the day of the performance, just call or e-mail and let me know. No problem!

YOU focus on getting approval and scheduling the event.
I will focus on presenting an entertaining and meaningful program to your folks.
We’ll BOTH let your bookkeeper work out the payment details.

How can I find out what other churches think about your show?
You can click on the link above and take a look at the testimonials page or I can give you the names of some people who have worked with me in the past and you can call them.

How do you handle the Gospel presentation?
In my opinion, the show is a vehicle for the most important part of the event – the presentation of God’s Word in a clear, simple, powerful way. Depending on what you want, I can present a Gospel message and turn it over to a staff member or lay person at your church for the decision time, or I can take the group through the presentation, commitment prayer, and even an altar call, if that’s what you want. I understand that different denominations and individual churches have their own ways of approaching this significant portion of the event, and I want to make sure we do things the way YOU feel most comfortable..

I cringe at the thought of ever manipulating anyone into a decision, but by the same token, I do believe in giving people the chance to understand the Gospel message and allowing them the opportunity to make a life changing decision to follow the Spirit’s leadership. I also encourage parents to follow up with someone at the church if their child has made a decision.

Don’t need a Gospel presentation? I can work almost any theme or idea into the show, so let’s talk about what you are trying to accomplish, and I’ll work to make it happen.

Want a just for fun show? I understand. Some events ARE just for fun. I can do that too!

Are you available for Sunday mornings?
Absolutely! This is my full-time job and unless I have a previous commitment, I am available to you any time you need me.

How long does the show last? 
If we are just doing a show, plan on 25-45 minutes. If we are doing a camp, revival or some other special event, we can make almost any reasonable time frame work. Let’s talk about what YOU need, and we can make it happen.

How many in the audience?
That depends on the size of the room. I have performed for 50 in children’s church and I have performed in an arena that held 2,500. I make sure that what I do is large enough that if the sight lines in a room are good, everyone can see and enjoy the program.

What about a deposit?
When I was a youth minister, I hated having to pay deposits; not because I thought we would want to cancel the event, but because it required twice as much paperwork! As a performer, getting a deposit STILL requires twice as much paperwork for me.  So, the short answer is no, I do not need a deposit to hold a date. I have never had church event cancel without a really good reason, so I don’t worry about needing a security deposit.

And, I’ll admit it; it’s more fun to get one big check than it is to get two small ones!

How can I know if you are available for the date(s) we need?
My calendar is online. I try to update it as soon as events are booked, so it is usually up to date. Occasionally I will have a personal commitment that is not on the work calendar, and if that conflicts with your date, I’ll let you know immediately.

I am ready to start a conversation about you visiting our church. What do I do next?
Just call me at (770) 315-3339 or e-mail me (, and we’ll get started!

What if I have more questions?
Just call or email me and I’ll be happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have. I look forward to hearing from you and working with you to reach people for Christ and strengthen His followers. I promise I will never be a high-pressure salesman. I am committed to partnering with churches to help them reach their goals for an event.